TheocBase (embedded) Help

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TheocBase Help

TB released with an embedded help; tape on your F1 key!

⇒ From the Summary tab (or by Index tab), you can access the following information:

  • on the Welcome page, how to start
  • the different features of the User Interface
  • how to edit, import and assign meeting into the Schedules page
  • how manage your Territories
  • what are the Printing Tags for meetings and territories
  • and specifically how to manage Settings for meetings, public talks, songs, territories, cloud and access control

⇒ Managing your bookmarks on the relevent tab

⇒ Make search, either:

  • using Search tab: write one word and click on the button, TB returns all relevant informations, click on the link and read informations.
  • or, the search icon to help you find information by keyword, useful on each page.


  1. before asking how to set a particular parameter or action, please refer to this on-board help.

  2. Don’t be surprised if the various members of the team (like modos, …) refer you to this one, if the answer is already provided there!

F1 Summary

F1: Settings

F1 > Settings >

Access Control

F1 > Settings > Access Control >

  • how to start
  • and assign role

Cloud Syncing

F1 > Settings > Cloud Syncing >

  • how to start
  • share datas and access
  • Reset Cloud Data

Life and Ministry Meeting (LMM):

F1 > Settings > LMM >

  • how to import LMM Workbook,
  • edit (add/remove part of) LMM Schedule (and change chronological order)
    • Note: read the F1 Schedules informations to known how to edit and import schedules.


F1 > Settings > Songs >

  • how to add list of songs

Public Talks:

F1 > Settings > Public Talks >

  • how to add/update/remove list of public talk titles
  • how to add congregations and speakers


F1 > Settings > Territories >

  • how to add/remove cities (from list, …)
  • how to manage Terroritories:
    • type
    • street
    • addresses
    • markers
    • use Geo services

Note: read the F1 Territories to known how to start and use Territory Map.

Read the first post to understand explains about F1 help

F1: User Interface

F1 > User Interface >

Lookup Control

  • using the Search Bar
  • and Filters Buttons
  • arranging the List
  • understand the Details
  • how to set, and reset them

Read the first post to understand explains about F1 help

F1: Schedules

F1 > Schedules >

  • Note: to edit Life and Ministry Meeting Schedule, read this F1 Settings informations.


F1 > Schedules > Edit Schedules >

  • enter manually
  • add notes
  • assign meeting parts


F1 > Schedules > Import Schedules >

  • import schedules (from KHS, Ta1ks, …)

Read the first post to understand explains about F1 help

F1: Territories

F1 > Territories >

  • Note: to set territories, read this F1 Settings informations.


F1 > Territories > Getting Started >

Territory Map

F1 > Territories > Territory Map

  • zoom to one territory
  • to the Full of Congregation Territory
  • hide/show territories, streets, markers, addresses
  • add/edit/remove/split/join territory
  • draw/import/remove territory boundaries

Read the first post to understand explains about F1 help

F1: Printing

F1 > Settings > Printing >

Printing Tags

  • Common Midweek and Weekend Meetings Printing tags
  • Midweek Meetings Printing tags
  • Weekend Meetings Printing tags
  • Territories Printing tags

Read the first post to understand explains about F1 help