Greek Language is not fully supported


First of all many thanks for the wonderful application.

I am using the Greek language and multiple problems occur.

For instance, as you can see in the photos uploaded:
a. not all fields are in Greek e.g. it states SONGS and not ΥΜΝΟΣ etc.
b. for some of the dates the entries are duplicated (multiple times appear for each part).
c. does not upload the epub in Greek for the Watchtower study. I have tried the suggested workaround of uploading in English and then in Greek, but it dosnt work.

I would like to improve the experience in Greek and I kindly request your assistance. Perhaps you can guid me to make the changes my self in order to assist you.


Best Regards,


⇒ Fill these information below:

  • Desktop OS (name and version): Windows 11
  • App OS (name and version): (if relevent)
  • TheocBase version: TheocBase 2022.04.0
  • Language used: GREEK

Hi @hcon

  • As you can see on WTI, all datas are not fully translated on Greek, only 30%. We need active collaborators to translate! :wink:

I see that!
Do you use Cloud datas? If yes, please, see this TheocBase (embedded) Help FAQ and particularly the “Cloud Syncing” section to reset cloud datas :wink:

OK, Sorry.

Please note that one ticket is already open!

Next time, please, one problem = one post!


Have you read those posts Schedule: Edit, Import, … and particularly Watchtower import issues ?