Wierd layout of meeting items in mobile (android)


I have problem (including some others) with Theocbase mobile (android) app. The layout or order of meetings items are very strange. In Win11 desktop application all is fine and correct.



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  • Desktop OS (name and version): Android 14
  • TheocBase version: 2023.01.0
  • Language used: Estonian, tried English too


Me too. I’ve an iPhone and when I check the schedule (2024) the format is wrong without sense. On desktop (Mac) the view is correct. Hovewer when I try to print there is issue in both version (some part is missing). I hope that the DEV find a solution, TheocBase is a great project that follow organization standard, but should be need to receive better support even if this were to have a annual cost for those who use it

You have to change manually on PC. This can be done if you select Settings - Meeting Life and Ministry - Year 2024 - the appropriate week and use the arrow up or down to correct it

I did, but when you launch the synchronization on Dropbox it happens that some data gets busted and especially on mobile the data of the parts goes in some cases on their own while on the desktop the display is correct

Because you need to reset cloud Data (you and others users)
See: TheocBase (embedded) Help - #3 by tb-hucste

That’s the problem. You should correct this on another computer.


  1. Aggiorna Theocbase dal play store all’ultima versione disponibile.
  2. Nella gestione app android cancella “cache” e “dati”.
  3. Login su dropbox,
  4. Scegli “NO” alla domanda “Vuoi mantenere localmente?”
    Adesso vedrai correttamente il ( layout ).



  1. Update Theocbase from the play store to the latest available version.
  2. In the Android app manager, delete “cache” and “data”.
  3. Login to dropbox,
  4. Choose “NO” to the question “Do you want to keep locally?”
    Now you will see the (layout) correctly.

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With iPhone this trick doesn’t work. I tried to restore cloud syncing with my Desktop but when the data are synchronized, in iPhone the view is not correct and several parts are reversed. I tried also to cancel app and reinstalled it… but nothing.
I think that is necessary an app update. I hope that it will come soon.
By the way, I ask the moderators: is there any news on the release of the updates? I thank you for the precious work you do and I would be grateful if you could at least tell us if you are finding a way to make the app functional because at the moment it honestly isn’t

Purtroppo a me continua a dare il layout sbagliato sia su telefono che tablet, entrambi android. Ho cancellato la cache e i dati, reinstallato l’app e risposto no alla domanda. Non so più che fare…
Unfortunately it still gives me the wrong layout on both my phone and tablet, both Android. I cleared the cache and data, reinstalled the app and answered no to the question. I do not know what to do…

Soluzione prova su diversi dispositivi android, ogni volta ha funzionato.


Tested solution on different Android devices, it worked every time.

I have the same problem. Looks like sync does not work properly between desktop and mobile. It does not sort the rows properly.
I cleared cache and local data from the mobile phone app but it does not help

I resolved by modifying life and ministry meeting discussion with life and ministry talk. Seems that the part of discussion. It seems to cause some conflict between desktop and mobile. If I utilize only “talk” all works fine in Mac and iPhone.
maybe if it were possible, report this problem to the devs, the mobile apps probably conflict with the ”discussion” part.


The problem should be fix in the new 2024.01.0 version just released.

I am a volunteer using some time with the TheoBase team and trying do give support to the best of my ability

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