[Howto] manage Schedule: Write, Edit, Import, …

Enter Schedule manually

Don’t forget to set dates of your relative Exceptions, as Convention, Memorial, Circuit overseer’s visit, etc… Go to Settings > Exceptions

  1. First, read the F1 Help for Schedules, you learn how enter manually, add notes, assign meeting parts segun your permissions.
  2. and, last but not least, read the F1 Help for Life and Ministry Meeting Schedules

Editing Schedule

It is possible to edit imported schedule in case you need to make some changes, ie. for CO visit week.

Importing Schedule

When you want to import Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook in TheocBase, follow these instructions:

  1. Download Workbook in epub format from jw.org
  2. Read the F1 Help for Life and Ministry Meeting and you will see how to add your LMM Schedule :wink:

Manual Import

If import fails, please read this post: Watchtower import issues

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