Unable to change user access using Access Control


I am the administrator for our TheocBase users. I am unable to change the access of the users using access control. I can check the various check boxes but once TheocBase is closed and reopened the changes have not been applied. Additionally, there isn’t an access_control.json file in Dropbox.



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  • Desktop OS: MacOS Ventura 13.5.1
  • App OS (name and version): (if relevent)
  • TheocBase version: TheocBase 2022.04.0
  • Language used: English


It’s normal; it’s not the role of administrator!
See TheocBase (embedded) Help and re-read about Settings > Access Control.

You need to attribute you the needed role!

Maybe you experiment a problem to sync; try to reset Cloud Data.
See Settings > Cloud Syncing > Reset Cloud Data.

My apologies I’ve reread the instuctions. Perhaps I’m missing something.

I have created the cloud storage on Dropbox.
Shared the link with other users.
I am marked as Adminstrator in TheocBase and I am owner of the TheocBase folder in my dropbox account.

I’ve Reset Cloud Data but still no access_control.json file in Dropbox.
Access Control is still allowing checkboxes to be set but it does not apply on reopening.

Any help would be appreciated.


is your account the first (into the screenshot)?

OK, But have you add one or more others roles for YOU?

PS: I created a ticket…

Yes that is correct the image is of my account. I’ve included a new image showing my account with all checkboxes checked. I can change the other users by checking the boxes but again it doesn’t stick when I reopen TheocBase and all users are only set as publisher.

To assign roles to others, the admin doesn’t need roles for himself. (He does need those of course if he wants to enter anything into TB) The crucial thing here, is that apparently the access_control.json file isn’t being created.

The other persons are linked correctly, since they wouldn’t show in TB if they weren’t.

Question: if @AKuser (accuser :rofl::rofl::rofl:) you go to ‘Settings -Open database location’ , do you see an access control file there? I think I had a similar issue once and copying the local access control json file to DB (Dropbox) just once did the trick.

No local access_control.json file is there.


Try this:

  1. reattribute all differents roles
  2. before close TB, switch on another menu, like Home, Printing, …)
  3. maybe a small dialog windows notify you — maybe; if it’s case, capture this message!
  4. close TB, and restart it!

That did the trick! Clicked on the Home icon and had the message come up!
First time I’ve seen the message. All roles were there after the restart!

Thank you for your help! very much appreciated.

All roles there after restart.

And what about access_control.json file?
exists it?

Yes it now exists in DropBox

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OK, I closed this post, mark as resolved; but one bug card was created, because it’s not normal…

Thanks for your help!

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