About the Support category

About the Support category

Do you have a problem to use of TB?

Have you search on the TheocBase (embedded) Help?
⇒ Have you browse the FAQ category, and particularly this About the FAQ category

Even so, you need help:

⇒ First, search on Support category, if one request exists:

  1. on solved status
  2. not resolved

⇒ and, only if not exists:

  • Submit your support questions only in this category — one issue = one post:

    • follow the template
    • Try to describe your issue, problem or question as detailed as possible…
    • use screenshot(s)
  • Use English. and if you does not speak english, use a translator online, like deepl.com

Please have patience as all work relating to TheocBase is voluntary and brothers have to deal with all other responsibilities too.

All registered members who are willing to help other users are welcome to do so. Sometimes a problem can be very severe and causing a lot of trouble.


Here some FAQ to resolve some problems: