Watchtower import issues

About Watchtower import issues

It seems you have import issues: try one of first two solutions… and if and only if they don’t work, try the one written on the Troubleshooting section.

Prefer this first solution:

Try first in EN

  1. If importing your Watchtower epub fails:
    . try importing English
    . then your language epub file

Do-IT Manually

  1. If nothing works, enter details manually.
    To known how to do, see this video


Please, adjust to see where the error is:

  1. Start TheocBase with an empty db.
  2. In the Settings, switch the language to the desired language (like Italian, Greek, Portuguese, etc…).
  3. In the midweek meeting part on the main page, click on Import Schedule… and select the downloaded mwb epub.
  4. Fill out the Talk type Editor dialog to match meeting parts.
  5. A dialog appears when the import has finished. Click the OK button and go to the week of the imported data.

If this runs correctly, and not the previous version, informs us!

Please do not repeat questions about Watchtower import issues. The answers won’t be different…