Can’t import the meeting workbook

Dear TheocBase Team

We follow the direction mentioned in this article, but unfortunately we can’t import the meeting workbook. When we try to import it says “Imported…”, but the reality is it does not show anything imported. In addition, we have this problem with starting the September-November workbook (previously workbooks could be imported).

Can you please help to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance.


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  1. Download and import English, then your own. This may very well do the trick.
  2. If English works but still your own doesn’t: open both TB scheduler (Settings - LMM meeting - Schedule tab) and the digital workbook in your language (preferably browser, not app) and replace existing entries by copy paste.
  3. Last resort: enter the full schedule manually, by copy pasting into a blank schedule.
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Thank you for your reply.

Actually we have the same problem when we try to import the English workbook (it says “Imported…”, but it does not show anything imported).

Thank you.

What is yours:

  • platform/OS?
  • Theocbase version?
  • Language used?

When you’d imported the workbook, are-you sure to import the epub for W files for the weekend-meeting, or/and the mwb files for the midweek-meeting? Please, check…
and illustrate by screenshot if operations failed always!

Hmm, too bad. I did the suggestion because it worked for me…