Release 2024.01.1

Download here

Bug fixes:

  • Wrong time for Service Talk in midweek meeting
  • English Watchtower import doesn’t work
  • Missing colors when printing
  • Snapping doesn’t work when editing a territory boundary
  • Minor bug fixes

Known issues:

  • Import of non-English Watchtower ePUB doesn’t work

TIPS 2024.01.1

  • Watchtower ePUB: The workaround with ePUB Watchtower import in English first and then “re-import” local language works
  • If the automatic download doesn’t work, then download from here
  • Check your version in TheocBase in the menu under “About TheocBase”
  • Make sure all users of a shared database are updated to the same version

More tips from 2023.01.0 update

  • "Explain your faith” permission
  • Family member “rights”
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