Week of circuit overseer’s no theme for his talk can be added and wrong timing in printout


In this special week there is one talk “Dienstvortrag” in midweek meeting.
After defining this week and importing EPUB there is no theme for this talk (of course)
I can edit this manually and add the theme. This works.
But in the print version it is deleted and also in the planning it is deleted.

  1. Issue
    The timing in printout is wrong for Dienstvortrag
    In the manual planning and the planning sheet everything seems to be ok.
    In the printout the timing is wrong and different between different templates. (Kr1…kr4)





⇒ Fill these information below:

  • Desktop OS (name and version): WIN 10 22H2
  • App OS (name and version): (if relevent)
  • TheocBase version: 2024 01 00
  • Language used: German

I’ve the same Problem here!

MacOS 14.2.1
TB: 2024.01.1
Language: German


Normally, this is solved into the new release 2024.01.1!!

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The timing is ok now. Thanks.

The deleted theme already exists.

Sorry, but I dont understand this… can you explain more, please?

I tried to explain it with screenshots at the beginning of the story.

After importing the data from epub and declaring the week as circiut overseer week, the dienstvortrag is added automaticly, thats is ok. Picture 1
If I edit the Dienstvortrag manually, e.g. adding the theme, the theme is seen in the planning. Pic 2 & 3
If I print this week, the theme is deleted by the program. Pic 4
Did I explain it ok?

I can confirm that. I can’t see the topic of the ‚Dienstvortrag‘ on the printout either. And it disappears also in the schedule like on the Pictures above.

I was able to narrow down the problem somewhat. If you go to the print area, you can see the topic of the service talk in the print preview. If you select a different layout, the topic disappears and is deleted from the schedule for the meetings. Maybe that helps.

Kind regards