Tips to the 2024.01.0 update

Some tips from some time on the 2024.01.0 (as a user :grinning:)

  • When importing, the midweek workbook it may make duplicates of the previously manually entered for January (ignore or fix by deleting the doublets)
  • At the lecture “Explain your faith” permission must be granted (new assignment type). See screendump below

Not working at the moment

  • As mentioned in the release notes the Watchtower ePUB import has a bug. Will probably come soon as an update - but still easier to control manually than the midweek meeting
  • Simple bug - when updated it can keep saying there is an update. Just ignore this message for now.

This post will be updated over the next days and feel free to comment tips to this post

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Family member rights

⇒ for First Contact and Explaining Your Beliefs (demonstration) meeting part, a family member can be assistant.

TheocBase controls family relations though “Family Head”.


  • So make sure family relations are entered
  • Note: If an adult son maybe is a “Family Head” himself you have to get creative (change Family Head, put another family member on the program etc)

(Thanks to this post: Student and assists assignment in 2024.01.0 release - #2 by tb-hucste)

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Wrong background color

  1. Copy this below code on ASCII file, with .txt as extension of file:
UPDATE settings SET value = "50|188,#405582,#405582,#4e5a5a,#4e5a5a,#656164,#656164,#656164,#656164,#656164,#656164,#656164,#656164", time_stamp = strftime('%s','now') WHERE name = "mwb_colors";
  1. Backup your database first!

  2. [Howto] Use the Helpdesk button to update your database with this txt file

  3. Go to Settings > Print and choose your previous MW-Schedule_1 or _2 file on the additional options.

  4. Restart TB (thanks to @Jonathan1)