[Howto] Add S-89 to print

Installing S-89


Theocbase must be closed, first!

About (new) S-89, dated since 11/23:

  • it seems preferable to delete the old S-89 PDF and jpg files before downloading and installing the new ones.
  • Use absolutely TB’s release ≥ 2023.01.0

About S-89 chinese version, dated since 11/23:

  • The both S-89 chinese version appear to be defective: the line of dots in the “Part No” section is missing into the PDF file, supplied on JW.org. Need to fix!


To be able to print assignment slips (S-89), please follow these instructions:

  1. Login to jw.org

  2. Go to Forms

  3. Select Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting from the Categories list

  4. Click Search button

  5. Browse down and find form "S-89 Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Assignment"

  6. Select your language

  7. Save the pdf file to some folder you can easily find later.
    Usually it will be downloaded to “Downloads” folder. It is usually better to save it after to some other folder where you can store all printing templates you might have in the future.

  8. Open Theocbase, go to Settings > General page; on the Printing section, click on browse
    browse folder| 24x24 button and browse to the folder where your PDF file is saved.
    NOTICE: You can’t see or select the files in this setting. You just select the FOLDER they are in!

  9. Go to Settings > Print page. A scan is executed, just the first time you select it; after that you can see in the Printing preview window, if you click on the ( ) Assignments Slips radio button.

  10. You can then use the converted file for printing, whatever works for your language.


Sometimes conversion by Theocbase is poor!

Here are some tips on how to convert PDF to JPG files yourself:

Tip for Linux: prefer to use Poppler tools than ImageMagick; it really produces better quality and lighter output than ImageMagick.

Tip for MacOS: Use Preview app to convert PDF to JPG file. More explain on this guide.


When ImageMagick is downloaded and installed:

  1. Go to download folder where is your S-89*.pdf
  2. Open a terminal and use this command, as instance for French S-89:
    • For Linux: convert -density 600 -quality 70 S-89_F.pdf S-89_F.jpg
    • For MacOS:
    • For Windows: magick.exe -density 600 S-89_F.pdf -quality 70 S-89_F.jpg
      This will produce an JPG file with high density, and minimal quality needed.
  3. Copy your produced JPG file on your Theocbase folder


Poppler utils are tools to manipulate easy PDF files.

After installing poppler tools, segun your distrib repository, use the pdftoppm binary as instance for French PDF:
pdftoppm -jpeg -jpegopt quality=70 -r 300 S-89_F.pdf S-89_F-q70

Online tools

It exists some website which offers online conversion.

We don’t recommend this kind of site for privacy reasons; as a reminder, our organization JW.org asks us not to distribute its files on any other website.

If you use such sites, that’s up to you; but be aware that some may be dishonest in their approach and inject malicious code. This is not necessarily the case.

The most respectful approach to our organization’s recommendations is to dispense with them.

Helpers: Please don’t do it…


Just wanted to mention that printing the new S-89 (Swedish) is working fine for me on Windows with TB version 23.01.0.
Wasn’t sure where else to share it, hope this is correct.


Add new section about the S89 chinese version!

Add informations about how to convert pdft to files on OS!