About MWB 2024!

Please: dont post new message about import MWB 2024.
(any new message posted on this subject will be closed and deleted a few hours later!)

JW.org created new instructions for the Life Ministry on the new year 2024.

The Release 2024.01.0 manage the import of MWB 2024!

If the import not run, or not correctly, do manually…

Update manually MWB

made a manually entry of the data for January - awaiting the update for the 2024 files.

Tip to workaround:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Midweek LMM
  3. on the tab Program, select 2024 (as year) → click the “+” to add weeks 1-5
  4. then simply enter program details manually

Then you can use TheoBase normally

(thanks to @Ringer)

About the new S-89

Please, check you have:

  • the new S-89-*.pdf or the S-89-mu-*.pdf file, dated since 11/23
  • check you have the release 2023.01 TB
  • and go to [Howto] Add S-89 to print!


New form S-89 seems to be available! :wink:


Do not use this new form with actual TB, because it cant be manage it correctly!

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Please, be carreful:

The Release 2023.01.0 still doesn’t manage the import of MWB 2024!
But the dev team works on…

Do not complain about it. Thanks.


Added tip to add manually into the first post!

thanks to @Ringer


the S-89*.pdf, dated since 11/23, can be used to printout assignment slips (for both students and assistants) with release 2023.01!

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Since Release 2024.01.x, import of MWB 2024 seems run correctly! :smiley:

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