Problem when printing program

Hello, I followed your valuable and detailed instructions to do the program manually. Everything went well except that when I start printing I get the PDF format. I have the day of the weekend meeting but never the day of the VMC meeting. What should I do? THANKS!



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Please try to update to the new 2024.01.0 version just released.

If you still have the problem after updating, feel free to reach out again.

I am a volunteer using some time with the TheoBase team and trying do give support to the best of my ability


Why are you deleting needed Requirements?

Please fill them.

I already did the update, what do you mean ‘‘needed Requirements’’?

I have never had this problem, when I choose combo model 2 or 3 the day of the week of the meeting appears. But for combo 1 which is the model I use it doesn’t work.

See your first post :wink:

There is an error in the program that I corrected if that is what you are talking about. But the fix has already been done. I have already integrated the weekday programs for February and I have the same problem. Combo 1 no weekday when I want to convert to pdf.

Same with me.
TB 2024 01 00
WIN 10 proff 22H2
Language: German

Headline with the combo1 sheet für midweek meeting is missing (file: kopf_neu)

With Version 2023 01 it worked well with manually edited datasets. (file: kopf_alt)

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Hello Dears,

I have the same problem on printing from march:

Version: 2024.01.0
Windows 10

Please, @all, use the MW-Schedule_3;

it seems that in the context of some users, templates 1 and 2 don’t work as expected.
Personally, I don’t have this problem.

An issue was created; and will fix in a future release! :wink:

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Ok thanks for the feedback. I’m not the only one. Waiting for an update, it’s just that at the start of a new theocratic year it can always cause some confusion for some of our brothers and sisters. Thank you for your excellent work in developing and supporting this application.

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OK, for @all, can you try this tips:

Thanks by advance!

This issue was closed, resolved into the future release 2024.01.1

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