Print of "Explaining your beliefs demonstration" not showing


When I want to print out the schedule, the “Explaining your beliefs (demonstration)” is missing (Week of 12.02.24)


  • Desktop OS (name and version): macOS 14.2.1
  • TheocBase version: 2023.01.0
  • Language used: German

I assume that you have filled in the data manually. Have you checked that there is content in all fields, including time under Settings → Midweek meeting

Hope it helps


Have you read information about Import MWB 2024?
and specifically the workaround?
before manage your schedule and posting here… !?

Thanks to fill correctly your post! :wink:

Hi, I had the same problem in January.
I solved it by changing the meeting item to talk (student) in the midweek meeting schedule.
I hope it can help you.

Ringer: All data is filled out. Just the new type of assignment will not print out. All other types working correctly

@tb-hucste : Yes sure, otherwise there were no data at all :wink: it seems like a bug, that the new type will not recognized by the printing module

@Mepykz : Yeah. My workaround is, that I change it to to the type bible study. But it seems like a bug for this new type. So I reported it here :grinning:

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Thanks for the reply a workaround - for now.

The developers and testers are aware of the bug an will work to fix it in the next update, where the 2024 workbook is the main focus.

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The problem should be fix in the new 2024.01.0 version just released.

I am a volunteer using some time with the TheoBase team and trying do give support to the best of my ability