New version is difficult

Dear brothers,

Thank you for your good and difficult work.

I wanted to report some concerns for you, please.

To save the program in mode: mw_schedule_1.htm

The date does not appear. However, it’s good for other models.

On the other hand, for the presentation cards, I have:

Count box for this template is incorrect

Expedted 4 Text Boxes But have 18

Expected 3 Check Boxes But have 10

The S-89_MU_4.PDF file is however well converted to JPG.

Aware of your excellent work, I am convinced that you are still working on it.

Thank you very much.


  • Windows 11
  • Version 2024.01.0
  • French

Hi. Excuse for the delay :wink:

Try this tips, please:

Have you search on the forum about MWB 2024 import?

to my knowledge, only file S-89_.pdf file was updated at the end of 11/23, and not S-89_-4up.pdf file… maybe, I’m wrong, but if you use the oldier *4up.pdf file, TB not manage yet correctly the output printing for the new MWB!

Are you sure about the S-89_MU_4.PDF version? dated since 11/23?

Hello brothers.
Is here some fix of this problem please?

Box count for this template is Expected 16 text boxes but have Expected 12 check boxes but…



Are you sure you use the new S-89*.pdf, dated since 11/23?

Yes I am sure.
S-89-V 11/23

If needed, I can send you template privately.

I have the same problem with:
S-89_MU_4.pdf in French


Stéphan recomend me, change folder and delete jpg.
After rename folder, mapping it, TheocBase generate new jpg files from PDF.
It solwe my problem.

Thank you

Just been through the process with the new version. Mayby some dublets ind the this post

  • S-89. Follow the guide under FAQ and you should be up and running:

I am a volunteer using some time with the TheoBase team and trying do give support to the best of my ability