[Howto] smtp config

How to configure SMTP

TheocBase — TB — can send awards by e-mail; you need to configure it!




On TB, go to Settings > Reminders > e-mail

and fill all required textareas:

  • Sender’s name: Firstname lastname

  • Sender’s e-mail: your email

  • Account: choose either Gmail, iCloud, Microsoft 365, Outlook… or leave blank
    If you leave blank, use a custom SMTP server (like your…)

  • SMTP: full name of the server or IP address

  • Port: 587 / TLS (preferably), 465 / SSL, … or others customs configurations

  • Username: ID of your SMTP service

  • Password: password of your SMTP service

When everything is configured, click on the [ Test Connection ] button:

  • if OK, all are good
  • if failed, check absolutely all your datas.

SMTP with 2FA

2FA is a layer of security. Some suppliers require it, like Gmail or iCloud.

  1. Configure 2FA on your SMTP supplier:

  2. After configuring the application password, as required in the supplier’s documentation, fill the password textarea with this application password, not your SMTP password!