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You can contribute in many ways:

  • moderation here
  • Improve documentation
  • Testing new versions and reporting
  • Report bugs
  • Write code
  • Translate
  • etc…

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Hello! I want to help improve the Haitian Creole translation. I’m serving in a Haitian Creole congregation, and I’m currently using the app for almost all the programs of the meetings, but sometimes I have to edit the names since they are not updated for the language or there are some mistakes. I’ll be delighted to help.

Hi! :grinning:
Thank you so much for this excellent application!

I would like to assist in making the app available into the Changana (Mozambique) language…

I have been using the app for more than two years… I use Portuguese as the software language and manually replace the editable portions of the workbook into Changana using the Life and Ministry schedule editing feature. :cold_sweat:
If at all possible, I would appreciate having at least the workbook in Changana. :star_struck:

I remain your at your disposal to assist with the translation.

Thank you and well done for this helpful app!
Your brother

Hi @nyiko

If I understand you correctly: you want to translate in Changana, is’nt-it?

It seems Changana is a Tsonga Language.

The translation system we use is familiar with the Tsonga. Actually Changana is not managed.

If I’m not wrong, on the JW.org, Changana on Mozambique seems available:
It’s good?

Hi! @tb-hucste
Yes, I do want to translate.

You’re right. Thank you!

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OK, as I wrote, actually Changana is not managed on WebTranslateIt; We need to organize this… please be patient with… I’ll come back to you.

Thank you @tb-hucste

Am I right to understand that this would be more feasible if my request was to translate the app into Tsonga?

If yes, this would still be an interesting solution, as we also use Tsonga as our fallback language when it comes to theocratic publication.

Thank you for your consideration!

Hi I want to help you with coding.
My experience
Nodejs ts Java Kotlin ect

I am ready to help with etc. testing. Uses Windows, Mac and Linux on a daily basis. Also webprogrammer in mainly HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQLi.

I apologise for trouble, please tell me, is the code is open source?

Have you really search? :wink:

It’s under GPLv3.
Readable on Bitbucket.org, see the About the General category, and writable for dev teams on Gitlab.

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Hello dear brothers :slight_smile:

First of all I wanna say thank you very much for such a wonderful app, this is a great helper in our meetings.

I serve in the russian congregation in the Czech Republic, so I could help you with translation into russian language.

Let me know, I’ll be happy to help you with the translation.


Welcome to the TheocBase forum @Danny

The translation of TheocBase is managed on the site bellow (have set the link to en->ru).


Please send the mail you register with by PM or chat.

I am a volunteer using some time with the TheoBase team and trying do give support to the best of my ability