Chinese Simplified (S-89) Error


Hi Friends! I am unable to print the S-89 in CHS. The English PDF converts to JPG with no issues but I am getting the classic box number errors. In the past I remember you helping me fix it but I can’t remember what needed to be done. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


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⇒ Fill these information below:

  • Desktop OS (name and version): Windows 11
  • App OS (name and version): (if relevent)
  • TheocBase version: 2023.01.0
  • Language used: English

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Have you really search on forum about MWB 2024 and the new S-89?

(I will close your post, in few hours…)

Yes…I really did search and found this post.

As I said, the new English S-89 is working. I can see someone also was able to get the Swedish working. However following the instructions on that post above, I’m getting the error I mentioned.

But… with all due respect, you’ve been looking the wrong way.

There’s clearly a post about the import MWB 2024, pinned in general, which says it’s not fully supported yet, which explains how to manually import this one, except that the new S-89 is not supported!

Edit: I have just modified the post mentioned to put a clear and explicit information and referred to the MWB 2024 post!

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I will admit, I misread and mistakenly understood that ONLY the MWB2024 import was not working and therefore needed a manual approach. I mind associated the S-89 to the workbook and not the talk slip.

With all due respect, you could have said that to begin with instead of a sarcastic question of 'Did you really search" as I did search. And obviously I needed additional help that is why I reached out.

Thank you anyways and I’m sorry that some of the end users like us cause frustrations as none of us really are as technical as the programmers.

Please, quiet calm!

I’m not dev, I’m volunteer (yes, I’m admin here, translator, etc…)
and, yes, as you say, it’s frustrating, even tiring, when you write things out clearly, to see that users post, and post again, without paying attention to the information given, and even more so to those who are pinned. Some make the effort, which is great; others don’t…

So, no, my question wasn’t sarcastic, just legitimate. Sorry, that you don’t understand it.
Just because you experienced it as sarcastic, doesn’t mean it really is :wink:

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