Cant insert speaker for public talk


It is impossible to insert a speaker for public talk. When you do so The App Theocbase crashes.

Thank you in advance for your help.



⇒ Fill these information below:

  • Desktop OS (name and version): Windows 11
  • App OS (name and version): (if relevent)
  • TheocBase version: 2022.04.0
  • Language used: French

I would like to know if this is the first time you experience this. Did it work before? If so, one could think of ‘blaming’ the update. But If you never tried before, I am also thinking something could be wrong in the congregation/speaker/talk configuration. And if it did work before, even an inconsistency in the configuration may have been tolerated in older versions, but not in the new.

So I would like to have a closer look. I will PM you. Because you don’t want to post speaker and congregation info here for all to see.

If I could reproduce it, I could try and find a solution myself, but I cannot reproduce it.

Edit by modo!


Please, explains more exactly what you’re trying to do, like, when I click on this button in this menu…
Be precise.

@Xienix asks interesting question. Thank you for answering them.


We have the same problem here.

Impossible to “edit” the speaker name for public talk. Every time we click on the pencil button, the app crash.

Do you have any solution ?

Do you find something @Domiquin ?


  • Desktop OS (name and version): Mac OS 13.5.2 but idem on Windows for the other Brothers in my congregation
  • TheocBase version: 2022.04.0
  • Language used: French

Hi. @hugo

I just have test, on my station under Linux. I’m French too. But I’ve not this problem.
Weird for you!

Have you some unusual characters on names? or TB crash just have you clicked on the button?

Hello :slight_smile:

TB crash just on click (for new attribution or edit existing ones).

I’m new on TB, but the others brothers in my congregation have this bug since last version I think …

They have to use the mobile app on tablet in order to set speakers names.

OK, thanks for those information.


Any news or feedback about this issue ?

Thanks by advance,

Do you still have the problem after the 2024.01.0 update?

Is the congregation, speaker and public talk entered under Midweek meeting? You can only select/edit speaker if you have some to chose from

Just to let you know I cannot use the new update because because anyone is able to help me for the moment.
I am still with TheocBase-2022.03.0.

@Domiquin There’s a link to manual download here:

Hello Ringer,

Yes, we still have the same problem after the 2024.01.0 update :cry:

I’m not sure to fully understand your question, but on computer (win or mac), in the right panel, when I click on the pencil for selecting an existing brother as a speaker, the app crash.

For information, our elders choose to leave Theocbase because of many issues this lasts months and changes in our congregation. Don’t spend to much time here just for me.