Android, smartphones - talks & song titles for week-end meetings are empty when synchronizing

Hi everybody,

There’s a problem on some Android phones with TB for the week-end meetings, talks & songs titles are empty. That’s ok for desktop programs.

We tried to reinstall TB, relink Dropbox, empty cache…

Thanks a lot by advance for your help.


I want to add some other Bug. As suggested, I entered the data for the various weeks manually.
Unfortunately, synchronization with mobile devices is very problematic, in addition to what has been highlighted I would add:

  1. Sorting of the parts, often you have to go back to manual insertion and make new sortings and after a few attempts it aligns.
  2. Sometimes it doesn’t synchronize some parts present, if on the PC they are all there on the furniture they are not.
  3. Other times the parts are duplicated, that is, the same part is present several times.

This involves a huge amount of work to keep everything aligned, even more so if one updates something from mobile devices.

I use TB on both MAC, Windows, Android and IOS, and the bugs are the same.

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@Swift The team are aware of problem with the Android version.
@finocchiaro.gius Thanks for the bug-report om the mobile synchronization.

Problems noted and the team will look into the problem and if it’s a new bug or problem a ticket will be created with the problem(s).

Sorry for the inconvenience and we take your report seriously.

I am volunteering to use some time with the TheocBase team and working on giving support to the best of my abilities


The problem should be fix in the new 2024.01.0 version just released.

I am a volunteer using some time with the TheoBase team and trying do give support to the best of my ability