TheocBase vs NW Scheduler

I am used to work with opensource software only, all my machines run linux and open standards. That’s why I feel so comfortable with TheocBase. It is built using open standards.

Now some elders in our congregation are trying to set NW Scheduler as the mandatory standard in our congregation. Since I am the life and ministry meeting overseer and also the public talk coordinator, this would influence my work a little bit :wink:

BTW in contrast to TheocBase, which runs on windows, macos and linux, NW Scheduler is for windows only.

I would appreciate it if there was a comparison, but I can only find comparisons with programs that I don’t know or use. TheocBase seems to be hushed up.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a suitable section for this question, so I’m placing it in the support section. If this is wrong, I apologize.

I start my comparison with some known facts:

Topic TheocBase NW Scheduler
free :white_check_mark: :no_entry_sign:
windows :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
linux :white_check_mark: :no_entry_sign:
macos :white_check_mark: :no_entry_sign:

You can add app for Android and iOS, too!

Sincerely, because this questioning, which makes sense, isn’t important, nor primordial, nor a priority. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s not necessary at all. Nonetheless, this is a strictly personal opinion, and not necessarily that of the team.

(Maybe/surely Gal. 6:4 would be a more relevant indicator)

PS: on a personal level, I’m sure the reason I joined the Theocbase team was because the software is open source; and I help however I can. :wink:

NW Scheduler it does not conform to the organization’s instructions; the assembly data is encrypted and stored on an unknown server for synchronization. No one knows where this data is stored in the cloud. In contrast, with Theocbase, the encrypted file is placed in the folder where you specify.