Sync with dropbox does not work for program and publishers

Hi, after upgrading to the latest version I have experienced synchronisation anomalies.
I try to explain myself as best I can. I have the main database on a MAC, installed version: TheocBase 2022.04.0.
I have the same version on an iphone 12 PRO.
After installing the latest version on the iphone and synchronising, all the publishers names on the json file disappeared.
I have tried resetting everything and doing new synchronisation from the MAC, several data are exported but no longer the publishers database and, when synchronising on the mobile device, neither the programme nor the publishers are displayed.


⇒ Fill these information below:

  • Desktop OS: macOS Ventura 13.4.1 (c) (22F770820d)
  • App OS: IOS
  • TheocBase version: 2022.04.0
  • Translation language: Italian

Now seems it’s working. Just to confirm now the json data has been crypted and after some sync all starts again to works, correct?

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Hi. Normally, yes, it does!

Hi @finocchiaro.gius Can you considere this is resolved? or not?
If yes, mark this post as resolved by clicking on the [ √ ] icon, please. :smiley:

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