Student and assists assignment in 2024.01.0 release

The student assignments Starting a Conversation and Explaining Your Beliefs (in case of demonstration), may be handled by a male or a female student. The assistant should be of the same gender or should be a family member.
However, when choosing a brother as a student, tehocabase only suggests brothers as assistants and does not allow to choos sisters. The same happens when choosing a sister as a student. Tehocbase does not allow you to choose a brother and sister in the same part.
Thank you


Yes, on the Instructions for the VCM, “Starting a Conversation” and “Explaining your belief”, studend and assistant can be parts of family, regardless of gender!
Prior to these new instructions, this was also the case for “Starting a Conversation”.

Actually, it seems not possible to do this.
Maybe in a future release; I’m going to create an request about…

I switch this on Request forum :wink:

PS: Request created!

Are you sure yours settings are good? check on privileges and member settings

Problem solved. It was necessary to associate family members in the settings. I didn’t realize it was necessary. Thank you so much.

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