Songs above Nr. 151 for last song - visit of the circuit overseer

How can ich choose the last Song (e.g. Song 157) that is played in a week when the circuit overseer visits the congregation. There ist only Song 1-151 clickable.



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  • TheocBase version: 2024.02.0
  • Language used: German

If you go into the settings menue, chapter songs, you can add manually songs.
Numbers and title

One example in the screenshot

This ist already done. But has no effect on choosable songs.


The dialogue you have to choose the song from, is not dynamic in relation to the song table. Also unlike the midweek meeting, there is no location in the TB interface where you can just hard-enter a number into the schedule.

Vá em Configurações > Reunião Vida e Ministério > Programa.

Escolha a semana que deseja alterar o cântico final, digite na caixa (Cântico 3) o número do cântico escolhido.
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It’s about the weekend meeting. At midweek it’s like you describe, but not at the weekend.

I have te same problem for the weekend meeting for the visit of the circuit overseer.

Hello, no solution? Pls. Thanks!