Problem with S89 Dutch 4up

FWIW in Dutch the S-89 single imports all right.
The S-89 multiple one, though, had 2 boxes too many and the order was not correct.

(TB under Win11 if it matters)


First: it’s improper to intrude on someone else’s post, especially if it’s for a problem other than the statement in the previously written post!

2d: Thanks to fill the requirements informations needed!

It is not a problem. I fixed it. Just to let you know though. Addiitonally I cannot see how you commented on it, since I had deleted this post. You may still delete it though

what version of TB?
it’s a pity not to specify correctly what is required

Well done; and how?

simply because it wasn’t deleted when I moved it and asked for clarification.
I hope you don’t think I have any ill intentions, that would be a loss.