Problem with importing Watchtower in Russian language

Dear developers, thank you very much for your hard work. But unfortunately the problems with importing Watchtower do not allow you to fully use the program.
On the forum there is a way to solve this problem, for example, import the English version in the beginning, and then in another language. But unfortunately even this method does not work, so when importing is added information only for one meeting and the rest of the days of the month remain empty. Although in the previous version of the program imported the entire month.
Write every week manually reduces to zero the need to use the program.


I use MacBook Pro 16 (intel) macOS Sonoma 14.2.1 (maybe this information will help to understand the situation), version of the program TheocBase 2024.01.0., Language Russian

Внеси вручную. Это не сложно, хоть и не совсем удобно. Должны скоро исправить.

Последние пол года так и делаю.
Но если это говорит разработчик, тогда я спокоен.