NOT WORKING - Import midweek meeting schedule via embedded browser


Import midweek meeting schedule via embedded browser is not working. The buttons work, the embedded browser opens up, when clicked “import” button it says that imported 1 week but actually there is no data imported. And when trying to import June weeks then says that this workbook is not available but it opens nicely in embedded browser.




  • Desktop OS (name and version): Win 11 Pro
  • TheocBase version: TheocBase 2024.02.0
  • Language used: Estonian


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Same here (=nothing imported, despite message; and June not working). Same configuration, except Dutch langauge.

Some extra info: I tried if switching TB to English would work. It opens Dutch workbook though, so that is would be a struggle anyway if you are in a foreign language congregation.

Then finally checked if the epub would import correctly to be sure it is not accidentally an issue with this particular month(s). It does.

Good thing you found the import button :smiley: I totally overlooked it initially.

As far as importing only 1 week is concerned, to me it looks like that in itself is expected behaviour (?)