No synchronization with iOS devices

No synchronization with iOS devices

Dear developers. After updating to the latest version I encountered a problem.

After updating to the latest version, my iOS smartphone and tablet do not sync with the computer (MacBook). All devices have the latest version of Theobase. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading, also removed cloud data. Nothing helps

Thanks for your work :smiling_face:

  • MacBook Air 2017,Mac OS Monterey 11.7.3/IPhone 12 IOS 17.3/

  • TheocBase version: 2024.01.1

  • Language used: Russian


Which data is not synchronized?

Hello! There is no list of meeting participants. Also, the schedule that has already been planned on the computer is not synchronizing. The schedule isn’t displayed on other Apple devices as wel

Have you same versions of TB on all clients?
Are you reset cloud datas on all clients?

Yes, I reset cloud data. I also deleted and reinstalled the application. The latest version is installed on all devices. This started happening after the last major update related to the new meeting format. I’ve never had this issue before. It’s not syncing properly, specifically on iPhone and iPad.

Thanks for all details.
I transmitted them