No Epub file available for MWB

Thank you for your work, that helps thousands of brothers.

There is no Epub file available in Estonian.

No epub file available on jw website starting from march and forward. at first i tought it will be uploaded later but no, march/april & may/june only jwpub and pdf.
Is there something to do if they discontinue uploading Epub in some languages? Possibilities to use Jwpub?
I know it is not necessaraly app related problem, but maybe you have some ideas about it.

For now I imported Epub in english and will manually copy/paste titles in estonian.

  • Desktop OS : Win10
  • TheocBase version: TheocBase 2024.01.0
  • Language used: Estonian


Yes, actually, it’s only the way for…

developers are looking into various possibilities, like import by copy/paste HTML…
but for now, see the only solution above :wink:

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