No display meeting date with template MW schedule 1

  • Does not display meeting date with schedule 3 template in print.
  • is it possible to number the parts as they are shown in the meeting guide?




  • Desktop OS (name and version): ventura 13.6.3
  • App OS (name and version): (if relevent)
  • TheocBase version: 2024.01
  • Language used: Italian

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TheocBase version: last

What is really the version?
last is not relevent! :wink:

The latest version is 2024.0.1. Sorry… I thought it was understood that that was the version

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Hello. I have the same problem. I also use the Italian version.

OK. please, test to use the MW-Schedule_3 template; it’s actually the default.

Switch to MW-S_3: Do you have always this problem?

On Template 3 it displays fine.

OK, Good; It’s seems both MW-Schedule_1 and _2 need to be update.

Let’s me time to understand where :wink:

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The problem also persists with the MW-Handout template, which is popular for showing 4 weeks on one page. Many sections are white text on white background. I think especially the connection to MWB_Color is broken

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I have the same Problem, the Handout is only with white text.

OK, @all, can you try this tips:


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