Missing items on printout


In the week of 28/08/2024 there are 4 toppics to “Leg je toe op de velddienst”

On the printout here are only 3 toppics. One is missing.
How can this be fixed.

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  • Windows 11
  • TheocBase version: 2024.02.0
  • Language used: Dutch

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Same issue on Windows 11 with Theocbase version 2024.02.0 in Italian. For now, I’ve solved this problem by adding a new line in the settings for the same week with the “Following up” part and inserting the same theme, source, time, and studio and deleting the non-“working” part. This is because when you try to insert a new “Starting a Conversation” part, Theocbase does not accept it and automatically inserts “Following up”.