Midweek meeting

I have been using Theocbase since 2020
until the last update on my Macbook, unfortunately it no longer supports the latest version.

Now I plan everything on my Ipad Pro.

Unfortunately, I can’t select anyone in the Life as a Christian section despite the fact that all brothers are set for it.
When I click on the task, the list of brothers does not appear, as if no one was set for it.

  • App OS (Theocbase 2024.01.0)
  • TheocBase version:
  • Language used: italian


Have you copied the database file from your oldier Macbook to the iPad? or just, resetting all on your tablet?

Are you sure you enable the Active checkbox on the Settings, on the concerned publishers?

I synchronized the data from the old version and read it on my iPad with the new version

I tried installed theocbase on a PC with Windows
Sync with the database and there it works, and then I See the publishers that i selected on my iPad or iPhone

but on my iPhone and iPad I can’t select anyone or change again. The only thing is “ - “

Is all active


I open an issue :wink: