Loss of assignment history


After updating the latest version, I completely lost the designation history, as shown in the print below.



β‡’ Fill these information below:

  • Desktop OS: WIN11
  • TheocBase version: TheocBase-2022.04.0-windows-x64-installer
  • Language used: Portuguese

This is not necessarily loss of asssignment history. This is a view that does not show the history of some pesons, because that history does not meet the selection criteria you set. Scroll down and you probably see some with history displayed. The selection criteria are in the upper left hand corner (and less importnt one in the lower right hand corner, behind the 3 dots). I can’t explain them, but I recognise this view.

The only place that would definitely prove assignment history were lost: find student (like the top one in this list) in the person table and check the history tab. If it is filled, your empty view is definitely the result of the selection settings and not of lost history.

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