(Haïti) Weird order of item on iOS

Hi! I have a problem when I try to see the program on any device. I organize the program from the desktop app, but then when I check it on any mobile device, the parts of the meetings are all messy, even though they are organized on the desktop app, I don’t know what I can do to fix it. Thanks beforehand!

OS : macOS Sonoma 14.0, and iOS (on phone)
TheocBase version : 2022.03.0, 2022.04.0
Language: Haïti Creole

Do you have same result with the new version (2022.04.0)?

Yes, I checked it. As you can see, I have the last version in both, desktop and cellphone. In the desktop I have them organized as the meeting should be, but when it is displayed in the cellphone, it looks messy.

your phone is under iOS?

yes, my iPhone is under iOS. The other day at the meeting, I was trying to see how it would look like with a brother, and it appeared the same for him.

Please, try these informations;

On TB, see the help: F1 > Settings > Cloud Syncing > Reset Cloud Data
and follow the steps!