Mid-weeks meeting does not allow adding more parties

===== It was fixed in version 2024.01.0, thank you very much! =====

Hello, I can’t add part number 7 of the week 05/02/2024, in the meeting we have a total of 9, but the app does not accept adding more, is there any other way to do it manually?

  • Desktop OS (Windows 11 Last Update (03/01/2024):
  • TheocBase version: Theocbase 2023.01.0
  • Language used: Portuguese - Brazil

PS. “Hello, I’ve only been using Theocbase for 2 weeks, there may already be a post like this here on the site, but I’ll leave it in case there isn’t”

Thank you very much for your patience in developing the application and for all the updates :pray:

PS. I’m a programmer too, if it’s possible to add the rows manually to the database using an SQLite editor, I’d like to know in which tables and rows I should add the information.

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The problem should be fix in the new 2024.01.0 version just released.

I am a volunteer using some time with the TheoBase team and trying do give support to the best of my ability

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