Loop autoupdate TheocBase 2024.01.0

Ho aggiornato TheocBase alla versione 2024.01.0
adesso in alto a destra appare “sempre” l’icona che avvisa di un nuovo aggiornamento disponibile.

“Vuoi aggiornare adesso?”.
Si completa il download ma alla fine dice che è sempre disponibile un nuovo aggiornamento.

Windows 11 Pro Ver.23H2


I updated TheocBase to version 2024.01.0
now the icon that warns of a new update available “always” appears at the top right.

“Do you want to upgrade now?”.
The download completes but at the end it says that a new update is always available.

Windows 11 Pro Ver.23H2


Thank for the message @FrCavallaro

It’s a bug that we have noticed on some installations. You have the latest version 2024.01.0

A ticket has been created and we are working on a fix.

Just ignore the “update button” for now.

Keep an eye on the “Startpage” in the menu, the website or the forum for an updates

I am a volunteer (like all behind TheocBase) using some time trying do give support to the best of my ability

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This issue was closed, resolved into the future release 2024.01.1

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