LMM change removes middle song


For the regular changes in the midweek meeting (replacing something by the Governing Body Update) it is best practice to not delete the first talk but to change it.


But what if I forgot and also did not make a backup? Now with the 2022.04.0 Update installed, I was able to create a new Talk with the + button. It is a LMM Talk and placed to the correct position. But in the printed program the middle song will not reappear.



  • Desktop OS (name and version): Ubuntu 22.04
  • TheocBase version: 2022.04.0
  • Language used: German

Settings, LMM meeting, Schedule tab.

Find the week. Find the first item in the living as Christians section (Aktueller Lagebericht)

Click the first (left hand) cell in the column. You find 3 options 'living as Christians ’ in the drop-down. The distinction between 1, 2 and 3 has gone, or rather looks like it has gone, so you have to try which of the 3 solves the issue. One will…

(This was also discussed as an additional question in another thread, but as I am typing on a mobile phone right now, it is easier to type it here than to make the reference Also here it is not a secondary question)

If you can’t get it done, report back here.

Thank you. I ended up reimporting the epub which solved the issue.

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