List of requests (updated)

This is a list of the many good wishes and suggestions that have been received. It’s an attempt to keep an overall overview for both users and developers.

The list is continuously updated (if you requst is not on it’s not on purpose. Feel free to coment. With this post we simply trying to summarize all the request and the list will be updated.)

Remember that Theocbase is Open Source and the team behind works voluntarily with the development and operation of Theocbase.

Feel free to indicate, what you would like the team to work on

Poll 2024 05

  • 4 week overview
  • Schedule other assignments (audio etc)
  • Schedule Field service
  • Personalize reminders send by mail
  • Special considerations like “max 4 assignments a year”
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The vote helps to show the need, but it is only indicative.

Added from notes after the poll:
:green_square: Add number when importing assignments (etc 4. Starting a Conversation. 5. Starting a Conversation.)
:green_square: Custom template / week program i etc word for manuel editing
:green_square: Weekend meeting chairman next weeks theme and free field for local information (remember convvention etc.) (link to post)