[Howto] Anonymize datas to help correctly


Some of us have the skills to help others. Good point!

1 Cor. 14:40 : “But let all things take place decently and by arrangement”

So that everyone can do so freely, without suspicion, but without transmitting confidential information, one of us, @Markus create an SQL script to anonymize datas before sending them.

Please follow these instructions carefully!


Unless you are an official member of the team:

  1. Never ask for the original database!
  2. Never give away the original database!

  • This script obfuscates all personal and sensitive data of a TheocBase database,

  • so this database can be provided to a supporter for troubleshooting.

  • ATTENTION: Make sure you have made a backup of the database before applying this script! ALL IMPORTANT DATA WILL BE LOST!

  • This script is made for TheocBase Version 2022.04.0

  • Later Versions may include further data, that is not considered in here!


Obfuscating personal data

After downloading the script:
(see the attachment)

  1. Start TheocBase

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click on the icon for “Backup database”

  4. Chose a directory, save the file as “theocbase_backup.sqlite” and close the dialog with “OK”
    (DON’T MISS THIS STEP, otherwise you will LOSE ALL YOUR TheocBase Data!)

  5. Click the icon “Run a file provided by the Help Desk” at the right bottom of the Settings page

  6. Confirm the warning with “Yes”

  7. Choose the file of the script you have downloaded (theocbase_obfuscating_data.txt) and close the dialog with “OK”

All personal data is obfuscated now, so you can export an obfuscated database backup now, that you can share with others that want to support you and for troubleshooting.

Export obfuscated data

  1. Click on the icon for “Backup database”

  2. Chose a directory, save the file as “theocbase_backup_obfuscated.sqlite” and close the dialog with “OK”

  3. Share this file with the person that wants to help you

Restoring the database

Also it’s time then to get back your data into TheocBase again:

  1. On the Settings page click on the icon for “Restore database”

  2. Chose the backup you stored first whit the name “theocbase_backup.sqlite” and close the dialog with “OK”

  3. TheocBase will restart and you’ll have all your personal data back again.

Here the SQL script to anonymize datas:
theocbase_obfuscating_data.txt (1,5 Ko)


Thanks to @Markus, and all about us supporters! :wink:

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