Error print s89

when I have to print s-89 I in italian get the following message:
box count for this template is incorrect
expected 16 text boxes but have 16
expected 12 check boxes but have 0


⇒ Fill these information below:

  • Desktop OS (name and version):
  • App OS (name and version): (if relevent)
  • TheocBase version:
  • Language used:


Why have you delete the requirements information asked!?
Please, fill them (see your post…)

your despair/difficulty/fear don’t give you the right to shout at us!
Writing in capital letters is like shouting at the person you’re talking to.
Please be careful with your interaction

Have you search before posting?
and read the S89 post?

If yes, please do a screenshot of your S89 italian version.

In previous years when S-89 conversions were not working so well within TB, it sometimes helped to do the pdf>jpg conversion externally. There are various programmes or even sites where this can be done for free.

Choose at least 300dpi converson. Make sure to rename the jpg to the original file name of the pdf if necessary, or else TB won’t recognise it. Of course the jpg should be manually moved to where you have your S-89s.

@Cuozzo FYI if I download the Italian ones, they do work. Can you double check you have the 11/23 version? (Even if it is it wouldn’t be the first time the versions of one language differ between branches…)

Good idea.

I will added information to convert it into the OS, rather than using an online site on the precautionary principle :wink:

Thanks @Xienix