Android crashed

Android crash

I updated My Windows 10 device to 2022.4.0 and works fine. Iphone automatically updated and works.
My android devices failed. Galaxy Tab S3 (android 7) ZTC phone (Android 12) have both failed. I uninstalled Theocbase and reloaded. Shortcut appeared, but on opening the app, “App isn’t installed” appeared. I now cannot access Theocbase from any Android device. Our CLM overseer has a Lenovo running Android 12 is having the same issue…

OS : Android version 7 and 12
TheocBase version : 2022.4.0

Edit: Correction by staff, about android version

the icon appears and if select app info it gives No permissions granted then no permissions allowed. However, if I press Open in app info, it opens with the latest version 2022.4.0.
Hope it helps.

When you start app, and that inform “App not installed”: try to force close, and restart-it.
Can you use it correctly after?

Tried that but didn’t work.

OK, thanks.

are these the manufacturer’s versions or are Android-alternatives?
(just for informations)

Egual, on your first post, you wrote:

and after:

Is this a typo error?

Yes sorry. Android 7 and 12

OK. I corrected your first post :wink:

Estou com o mesmo problema no meu celular Android, após a atualização!

Hi everybody
I’ve the same problem… Please help us
Thank you very much

same here brothers, crash on Android 9, but work okay on Android 13. please help, thankyou in advance brothers.

Android 7.
Update August 14, 2023 no longer works, does not open.

the message says: “just not installed” even if it is installed correctly.

Many others have the same problem.
Can you fix it ASAP?
Thank you.

Android 7.
Aggiornamento del 14 agosto 2023 non funziona più, non si apre.

il messaggio dice: “appena non installata” anche se é installata correttamente.

Tanti altri hanno lo stesso problema.
Potete risolvere al più presto?

It appears to now be fixed. Thank you.
Uninstall theocbase. Reboot your device then reinstall it. You will be directed to dropbox to log in again. Version 2022.4.1
Many thanks to the team.

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