4 weeks overview suggestion

(Maybe I post this in wrong section but couldnt find any tags in ”Request”)

Hello Brothers,

Thank you so much for a very good and helpful program! It has simplified alot for us!

I have one suggestion I think would be useful:

How about to have the option for a bigger overview of the weeks? At the moment one can look att one week at the time, and swiftly go back and fort, but I would also like the overview of 4 weeks at the time, think that would speed up, at least ny process, and I can quickly double check so that noone is assigned too often etc :smiling_face:. I know I can see that in the right column but I think it would help to have that option.

Brotherly greetings,

Isn’t that already covered by the template MW-Handout.htm?
I can easily print or save an overview for 4 weeks using this template.

Thanks for the kind words and your input.

It makes good sense if you have a larger screen. It has been noted and will be passed on to the development team

:white_square_button: The wish list is long - but we get some things done in each version :white_check_mark: